From zero to one hundred fast food startups with free consultation of Satrap company

You definitely know that establishing fast food requires careful planning and a lot of attention; Therefore, there is no room for any error; So, what better way to have a specialized and professional group by your side at the beginning of the fast food startup process to bring you the best results. In the following, we will introduce you to the steps of setting up a fast food.
Satrap, a specialized manufacturer of industrial kitchen equipment, offers free consulting services, the best solutions and necessary guidance for setting up a fast food restaurant. Satrap’s consultations cover all the important aspects of setting up, from market research and selection of a suitable location, to financial planning and production of industrial kitchen equipment and equipment needed for restaurants and fast food. By taking advantage of the experience and knowledge of Satrap company, you can take advantage of complete and up-to-date information in the field of fast food restaurants and enjoy the successful launch of your restaurant.
The guide to setting up a fast food restaurant consists of several steps. In the following, I will mention some important principles and factors in setting up fast food:

Planning to start a fast food restaurant Industrial kitchen equipment


1. Market research:

Before starting any business, you should study the market and do the necessary research about the demand, competitors and market prospects. It is important to check the needs and desires of customers so that you can offer a suitable menu.

A guide to setting up a fast food restaurant and conducting market research before setting up a restaurant, you can follow the following steps:

  • Market analysis and review of similar restaurants:

Investigate the needs, preferences and habits of your target customers, including their age, gender, income, lifestyle and food preferences.

Examining similar fast food restaurants in the desired area and understanding your competition and position in relation to them. This review can include reviews of prices, menu, service and customer experience.

  • Demand assessment, field research:

The local population, the amount of commercial and tourism activity, the existence of educational centers and universities, and research on the demand and food diversity of the region can be useful in this investigation.

Examining competing restaurants and fast foods in the region and analyzing factors such as price, menu, food quality, service and branding. Also, examining their strengths and weaknesses can help you in strategic planning.

  • Field studies, data analysis:

Conducting interviews, questionnaires and field tests with potential and existing customers can give you a better understanding of their needs and desires. Also, collect customer feedback on your ideas and designs.

Analyze the collected data in detail. Use statistical methods such as SWOT (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats) analysis and PESTEL (Political, Economic, Social, Technological, Environmental and Legal) analysis.

By using these steps, you can conduct a comprehensive and accurate market research and obtain the necessary information for your planning and strategy in setting up a fast food restaurant.

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2. Determining the position:

Determining the right location for a fast food restaurant is very important. This issue will play a significant role in the success and development of your fast food business. To determine the right position, you should pay attention to the following factors:

  • Target population and customers:

It is very important to check the population and targeting of your target area. You need to determine if your local population and target customers are a good fit for your fast food restaurant. Checking the population density, average income, lifestyle and food taste of customers can help you to choose the right location.

  • Competition and market needs:

It is very important to check competing restaurants and fast foods in the desired area. You should understand how many fast food restaurants or other restaurants exist in the area and how the needs of the market are met. Knowing your competitors and analyzing their strengths and weaknesses can help you choose the right position.

  • accessibility:

It is also important to pay attention to the accessibility of the restaurant. You should consider whether the location is easily accessible for customers. Is parking available? Are there commercial centers, corporate offices and other places close to the restaurant? These factors can determine the appropriate position.

  • The price of renting or buying a place:

The cost of renting or buying the desired location should also be considered. It is very important to choose a position that is compatible with your financial capability.

  • Traffic and public equipment:

Checking the traffic and the presence of public facilities such as public transportation, parks, shopping centers and other similar facilities can also help you in choosing the right location.

Also, it should be noted that every business has its own needs and conditions. Before deciding on the final position, it is better to consult with the relevant advisors and do enough research so that you can make the best decision.

3. Checking licenses and rules:

To start a fast food restaurant, it is very important to check the required permits and laws. Each country and even each city may have different rules and regulations. As a general guide, here are some important licenses and rules:

  • Trade license:

To open a fast food restaurant, you usually need a business license or business license. These licenses may vary depending on local laws and regulations and government guidelines in each country. You should contact the relevant authorities such as the Company Registry or the Ministry of Commerce or local authorities to obtain the specific requirements of your area.

  • health licensing:

In the field of food and restaurant industry, health permits are of great importance. You must comply with relevant public health regulations and obtain a health permit from a public health organization or similar authority. These permits may include requirements for disinfection, food protection, employee hygiene, and more.

  • Firefighter license:

Restaurants need a fire permit due to the use of ovens and industrial kitchen equipment. These permits are issued based on local fire department rules and regulations in your area. To obtain these permits, you must install fire alarm systems, fire extinguishers, and other required safety equipment.

  • Environmental permits:

If your restaurant has an impact on the environment, you may need environmental permits such as waste disposal permit, water resource use permit, etc. These permits are issued depending on the local environmental laws and regulations and you must comply with the relevant regulations.

  • Building permits and urban plans:

If you plan to build or make changes to the building where the restaurant is located, you may need building permits and town planning plans. These permits are obtained depending on the building codes and local urban development plans.

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4. Interior design and restaurant design:

The interior design of a fast food restaurant is important because it has a great impact on the appeal and customer experience. In the interior design of the fast food restaurant, pay attention to the following factors:


Interior design of a fast food restaurant Industrial kitchen equipment

  • Design position:

The fast food restaurant should be designed in a way that is attractive and noticeable from the eyes of customers. A friendly and modern environment using attractive colors and artistic designs can improve the customer experience.

  • Branding and visual identity:

Branding and visual identity is an important part of designing and recognizing your fast food restaurant. Branding actually shows the identity and personality of your restaurant to customers, and visual identity deals with creating unique images and visual elements that match your brand. Below I mention some principles of branding and visual identity for a fast food restaurant:

  • logo :

Your logo or visual symbol should reflect your restaurant’s identity and theme. Choosing the right shape, color and font for the logo will have a great impact on brand recognition and recall. Also, it is very important to use the logo in all marketing materials and visual communication of your restaurant.

  • Colors and visual elements in creating the visual identity of the restaurant:

Colors have a strong effect on creating emotions and attractiveness. Choosing colors that match the identity and theme of your restaurant can affect the attractiveness of the environment. Give different colors to elements such as walls, ceiling, flooring, tables and chairs, wardrobes and other decoration elements.

Choosing the right and harmonious colors is very important for the visual identity of the fast food restaurant. The colors should match the identity and theme of your restaurant and convey the desired feelings and values ​​to the customers. For example, red is used for energy and excitement, green for freshness and health, and blue for calm and firmness.

Using unique and well-known visual elements in your fast food restaurant can help strengthen brand identity and recognition. For example, specific patterns, specific images and icons, use of specific food and drink images, etc. can help identify and remember your brand.

  • Advertising fonts and slogans:

Choosing the right font for the restaurant name, slogan and other texts is also important. The font should be readable and compatible with your restaurant’s identity. Simple and readable fonts are usually suitable for fast food restaurants, but depending on the theme and style of your restaurant, you can also use unique and special fonts.

Choosing a unique slogan or short message for your restaurant can strengthen the emotional connection with customers and better express the brand identity. Also, texts and slogans are used in communication with customers on the site, menu, brochures and advertisements.

The impact and a deep look at the decoration of the restaurant:

Decoration in a fast food restaurant is very important, because it has a significant effect on the attractiveness and experience of customers. Pay attention to the following factors in fast food restaurant decoration design:

  • Decoration style:

The choice of decoration style depends on the identity and theme of your restaurant. Do you want to design the restaurant in a modern, industrial, rustic or classic style? The style of decoration should be compatible with the identity and model of your business.

  • Materials and textures:

Using the right materials and textures is also important for restaurant decoration. The use of quality materials that match the decoration style can create a luxurious and friendly feeling in the restaurant. Use wood, metal, stone, glass and other materials and combine different textures such as soft, rough, shiny and matte.

  • Symbols and works of art:

The use of symbols and unique works of art can show the identity of your restaurant and affect the attractiveness of the decoration. You can use paintings, photographs, exhibits and other artwork to make the interior lively and attractive.

  • Lighting:

Correct and appropriate lighting can have a great effect on restaurant decoration. The use of natural lights in the right size as well as suitable artificial lighting in different places can create charm and comfort in the restaurant.

  • Furniture and chairs:

Choosing the right furniture and chairs for the restaurant is very important. The design and color of furniture and chairs should match the style and identity of your restaurant. Also, consider the comfort and height of the seats so that customers can easily have a good experience.

  • Tables and table decoration:

Tables and table decoration also play an important role in restaurant decoration. Use tables with attractive and appropriate designs and colors. Also, the use of partitions, fences, vases and other decoration elements on the tables can increase the attractiveness and beauty.

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Finally, in the interior design of the fast food restaurant, always pay attention to the needs and tastes of your customers and create an environment that provides them with a good experience. Also, working with a professional and expert interior designer can help you design the right interior.

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5. Reviewing and designing the restaurant menu:

It is very important to choose the menu and supply the raw materials for the fast food restaurant so that you can provide delicious and quality food. The cooks can play an essential role at this stage. Perhaps getting to know ten famous chefs in the world is not without grace. In the following, I will mention some important points in this regard:

  • Determining products and menu:

First, you need to determine the products and menu of your fast food restaurant. It is important to choose foods that are well marketed and that you are able to prepare and serve. Keep in mind that the menu should be varied and attractive to meet the demand of customers.

  • Skills and abilities of colleagues:

Pay attention to the skill and ability of your colleagues to prepare and prepare the right ingredients for the menu. Make sure that the cooking and cooking associates in the restaurant have the necessary experience and expertise.

  • Supply of raw materials:

To provide the necessary ingredients for your fast food restaurant menu, you can work with local suppliers, ice cream suppliers, wholesale food stores, or vegetables and fruits. Supplying quality and fresh raw materials is the key to preparing delicious and attractive dishes.

  • Checking quality and standards:

When choosing raw material suppliers, make sure they adhere to health and quality standards. Examining health documents and certificates and the quality of raw materials can be of great importance.

  • Innovation and diversity:

In choosing the menu, consider a variety of dishes and innovation in the way they are prepared and presented. Customers are interested in new experiences, and offering food with a variety of flavors and styles can increase the appeal of your restaurant.

  • Health and safety principles:

Be sure to pay attention to health and safety principles in the preparation and supply of raw materials. Make sure raw materials are stored in hygienic conditions and there are no health hazards.

  • Professional advice:

If necessary, you can refer to our professional advice in the field of raw material supply and menu preparation.

Determine the right menu for your fast food restaurant with care and scrutiny and provide quality raw materials and the necessary standards. These measures can help the growth and success of your restaurant.



Restaurant advice Industrial kitchen equipment

6. Selection and training of personnel:

The selection and training of personnel in a fast food restaurant is very important, because the quality of service and customer experience depends on the performance of the personnel. Below I mention some important points in the selection and training of personnel:

  • Requirements and skills:

Before selecting personnel, determine the requirements and skills required for each position. Choose the right staff based on your restaurant’s needs, including communication skills, knowledge of restaurant products and services, and management skills.

  • Selection process:

In the personnel selection process, use oral interviews and practical interviews to assess the personnel’s skills, experience, and personality. Also, you can refer to educational centers, review resumes, and refer to personnel’s work history.

  • Basic training:

After selecting the personnel, provide the basic training required to perform the duties. Training such as menu familiarization, cooking methods, beverage preparation, serving methods and communication skills are very important for personnel.

  • continuous education:

In order to improve and develop the personnel, provide continuous training programs for them. These programs can include training on new products, management skills, communication skills and better service methods.

  • Skills development:

Ask staff to invest in developing their own skills and learning new skills. You can provide internal and external training workshops, online classes and seminars for personnel.

  • Effective communication between personnel and managers and performance management:

The spirit of cooperation and effective communication between personnel and managers is important. Team building programs and regular meetings to discuss issues can strengthen the spirit of teamwork.

Always pay attention to the needs and skills of your restaurant and use experienced and committed people. By providing proper training opportunities and better personnel management, you can create an effective and skilled team for your fast food restaurant.

Implement a performance management process to improve personnel performance. Scheduling performance meetings, regular feedback, encouraging and honoring personnel are effective and can help improve service quality.

7. Preparation of plans for electricity, gas, water and sewerage and specialized fast food ventilation:

To prepare electrical, gas, water and sewerage and specialized ventilation plans for your fast food restaurant, it is better to cooperate with expert and experienced engineers in this field. They can design and prepare the required maps according to the needs and requirements of the environment. Below I mention the important steps to prepare the required maps:

  • Choosing a specialist engineer:

It is better to work with experienced and expert engineers in the field of related systems to prepare plans for electricity, gas, water and sewage, and specialized ventilation. Make sure they have enough experience in designing and implementing the systems required by a fast food restaurant.

  • Analysis and review of needs:

Expert engineers check the needs and requirements of your restaurant. This includes electricity, gas, water and sewage, and specialized ventilation. They determine the energy and water needs by examining the restaurant space and industrial kitchen equipment.

  • Designing required maps:

After analyzing the needs, expert engineers can design plans for electricity, gas, water and sewage, and specialized ventilation. These drawings include detailed representations of the locations and routes of piping, cabling and ventilation systems.

  • Compliance with standards and regulations:

In designing maps, engineers must follow relevant standards and regulations. This includes electrical, gas, water and sewage standards, and ventilation systems. Compliance with these standards is very important for the safety and efficiency of restaurant systems.

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Always turn to the help of experienced and expert engineers in the design and implementation of the systems required by your fast food restaurant. This ensures that the required systems are properly designed and implemented, ensuring the safety and productivity of your restaurant.

Industrial kitchen equipment

8. Preparation of the list of equipment needed to set up a fast food:

To set up a fast food restaurant, the list of industrial kitchen equipment required is an essential part of planning. Below, I have given you a list of basic equipment for setting up a fast food restaurant. For each item, adjust the required number according to the size of your restaurant and your needs:

kitchen appliances:

  • Stove or kitchen oven
  • Gas or electric grill
  • Electric or gas gas
  • Freezer or large refrigerator
  • Freezer or mini fridge
  • dishwasher
  • Dairy machine (optional)
  • Bread maker (optional)

Cooking and baking equipment:

  • قابلمه ها و تابه ها با اندازه های مختلف
  • Thick pans for frying and baking
  • Frying pan
  • Baking trays and molds
  • Knives and kitchen knives
  • baking sheets
  • mill (optional)
  • Mixer or blender

Supplies needed for serving and delivering food:

  • Food serving plates
  • Serving trays
  • Bowls and plates
  • Spoons and forks
  • Glasses and cups
  • Spoon and fork
  • Food packaging paper and box
  • Bottles and drinks
  • Paper towels and cleaners

Equipment related to customer space:

  • Table and chairs
  • Menu boards
  • Wall pictures and interior decoration
  • Proper lighting
  • Music system (optional)
  • TV or screen (optional)

Other equipment:

  • Cosmetics
  • Card reader and payment system (optional)
  • Order management system (POS) (optional)
  • Customer information system (CRM) (optional)
  • Cleaning system and CCTV (optional)

Using this list as a starting point can help you identify the industrial kitchen equipment you need for your fast food restaurant. Be sure to consider your needs and priorities and adjust the list accordingly. Also, keep in mind that some equipment may change depending on the location and atmosphere of your restaurant.


9. Purchase of industrial kitchen equipment for fast food and restaurants:

Satrap Company is one of the most reliable suppliers of industrial kitchen equipment and can be a great offer to buy industrial kitchen equipment in your fast food restaurant. Due to our experience and expertise in the field of industrial kitchen equipment, we offer quality and diverse products. From 3D design to stoves, freezers, grills and cooking devices. Also, by using quality materials and modern technology, we ensure the durability and high productivity of industrial kitchen equipment. By choosing Satrap to buy industrial kitchen equipment, you can achieve peace of mind in the execution of kitchen activities and improve the performance of your fast food restaurant.

10. Marketing and advertising:

Marketing and advertising is very important in fast food restaurant because it helps you introduce your brand, attract new customers and increase your sales. In the following, I will mention some ways of marketing and advertising in fast food restaurants:

Creating an online presence and sharing photos and videos:

Creating a restaurant website and presence on social networks such as Instagram, Facebook and Twitter can help you to effectively communicate with customers and attract them. Make sure the restaurant’s contact information, address and menu are accessible on the website.

Use photos and videos to share your food and fast food kitchen. It can show customers how delicious and well designed your food is.

Discounts and offers and cooperation with online ordering applications:

Offering discounts, special offers and discount packages to customers can encourage them to try your fast food restaurant and become regular customers. This can be announced to customers through emails, SMS, website and social networks.

Consider collaborating with popular online ordering applications such as Snap Food and… These applications allow customers to order food from your restaurant more easily and quickly.

Participation in local events and ceremonies:

Participating in local events can help you promote your brand and connect with the local community. You can participate as a supporter or sponsor of events related to food and nutrition.

Providing home delivery services:

Consider offering food delivery services to nearby areas. This can be offered to customers who want to eat at home or have food delivered to their workplace.

Customer Feedback:

Paying attention to customer feedback and responding to their comments and criticisms can help you improve your services and increase customer trust. Use plugins and surveys to capture customer feedback.

Also, it is better to prepare a comprehensive marketing and advertising plan for your fast food restaurant and constantly review and update it. Using a combination of online and offline methods can help promote and introduce your restaurant and add value to its growth and success.

11. Financial management:

To be successful in setting up a fast food restaurant, business financial management is very vital. You have to manage the budget well and take care of expenses and income.

12. Providing customer service:

You should pay attention to the order and quality of customer service. Responding to complaints, improving service standards and establishing a sustainable relationship with customers are among the important things.

13. Progress and improvement:

Setting up a fast food restaurant is a continuous process. You should always pay attention to the progress and improvement of processes, menu and services and check customer feedback so that you can improve your restaurant.

This is just a general guide for starting a fast food business and every business has its own needs. Before setting up your fast food restaurant or industrial kitchen equipment, it is better to consult with food industry consultants to have the best plan for your specific conditions.

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